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Get your Forklift Licence in 2024 with the most trusted Forklift Training company in Melbourne

Here at Trainix, our forklift licence centre provides the most comprehensive workplace training courses available in Melbourne. Specialising in Forklift Licence Training, LO Licence Training, Onsite Forklift Training, and Forklift Refresher Courses at our Forklift Training Centre located in Hoppers Crossing.

Gone are the days of the old cliché training environment, with out-of-date & out-of-touch trainers, bad attitudes with students not receiving the help, guidance, and training they expect. Our mission and approach at Trainix is to give all of our students the absolute best environment to do their Forklift Training Course or Order Picker Licence Course.

We have created by far the most relaxed, enjoyable and respected training centre in Melbourne. Here at Trainix, we combine a modern and fresh style of training, with our down-to-earth and extremely approachable forklift trainers to provide our students with the most thorough, up-to-date, and affordable Forklift Licence available in the industry.

Our expert forklift trainers pass on their years of ‘real world workplace’ experience, resulting in all of our students learning how to operate a forklift in the safest and most viable way. We don’t just show you things to pass your forklift test; we use our experiences to show you what is expected in the workplace, how to keep yourself and your work mates safe.

We make sure that before you leave your course, you feel confident driving a forklift and can take what you have learnt and use that knowledge for years to come.

When it comes to getting your forklift licence in Melbourne, there are so many options when trying to choose the right forklift training company to do your course.  This is why reputation is a HUGE part of the decision-making process with our students.

We pride ourselves on being the leaders in taking a proactive approach to making sure we continually improve and work hard to provide the very best choice to potential students who are looking to receive the right forklift training.

Please, don’t take our word for it though, our students have spoken!

We are so humbled to have received an award for ‘5 Star Service’ in 3 consecutive years based on what our awesome students have had to say about us.

A Great Forklift Licence Centre Just Outside The Melbourne CBD, in Hoppers Crossing

Our forklift training centre is located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne within the City of Wyndham. Close to Altona, Werribee, Point Cook, Tarneit, Derrimut and Williams Landing; Trainix is located in Hoppers Crossing.  Easy and convenient location just off the Princes Freeway.

Forklift Training Melbourne


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We ensure that you or your staff are up-to-date with the latest forklift training and other MHE safety regulations.

Compliance will assist companies in upholding a positive image and building consumer trust. Businesses that strive for compliance in forklift safety, High Risk Work licensing, employee training and OHS regulations will create a positive and safe environment in the work area.


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Workplace safety training is the unsung hero of many businesses. It is necessary for many reasons, but often unwanted by those who need it most. Keeping employees safe is a concern for every business, but for some companies it’s a matter of life and death on a daily basis.  Here at Trainix we believe that far too often, some businesses forget about the importance of safety and training until tragedy strikes. Understanding the dangers of workplace MHE and learning the correct safety procedures are a must.


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Knowledge is power, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to operating forklifts and other MHE. The importance of forklift training and safety knowledge can’t be stressed enough. Without properly trained and licensed staff, your workplace can be compromised in many ways. Accidents, property damage, lost time injuries and other factors can negatively impact both employees and employers.


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Whether you’re looking to gain extra skills to better your job opportunities or if you manage a team of employees that require forklift training in Melbourne or at your workplace, we can provide you with everything you need. Everything you need to be compliant, everything you need to work safely and the expert knowledge to allow you or your employees to stay safe and competent.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Trainix Forklift Training Centre

Trainix is located at Factory 3/25-27 Graham Court, Hoppers Crossing. Hoppers Crossing is about 25km west of Melbourne. Trainix is in a convenient location, not far from the Hoppers Crossing freeway exit.

Trainix is situated 2.5km from Williams Landing train station and 3.7km from Hoppers Crossing train station. Both stations have buses that can get you to Graham Court via Bus Route 153. Trainix is a short walk (under 10 minutes) from the Graham Court/Old Geelong Road bus stop.

We opened our doors on June 1st, 2015. Our trainers have all had extensive experience both as operators and trainer/assessors.

Yes, we are registered and approved with ASQA (RTO number 45470) and Authorised by WorkSafe Victoria to conduct assessments. Our assessors are also authorised WorkSafe assessors and are Certificate IV qualified trainers.

While it can be confusing, what you are hoping to gain at the completion of either our LF licence or LO courses is a High Risk Work licence. There are 29 classes (or categories) of High Risk Work and your licence will be updated with those classes as you gain competency in them. For example, once you’ve completed either our forklift or order picker courses successfully and have applied for the licence, your High Risk Work licence will show the class ‘LF’ or ‘LO’ which means you are competent in those classes of High Risk Work and are licensed to operate the equipment covered in those classes. You could also apply for other classes of High Risk Work such as ‘WP’ which is a Boom Type Elevated Work Platform or ‘DG’ which is Dogging by completing approved courses at other RTO’s. These classes would then be added to your High Risk Work licence once you have successfully completed those courses and passed the assessments. There is more information about High Risk Work licensing here: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/high-risk-work-licence

There are no additional charges to have a verbal assessment conducted. You will just need to discuss a suitable time with your trainer/assessor for the assessment as it can’t be conducted with the rest of the class. We can work this out with you during the course, if needed. Please let us know in advance if you are concerned with writing so we can plan for it and assist you as best we can.

We have microwaves, fridges and a sandwich press. There is a vending machine available on-site and we offer free tea and coffee. There are many good cafes in the area too if you’d prefer to buy lunch.

While we can offer onsite forklift licence training, there are a list of requirements to adhere to so we can comply with the WorkSafe’s assessment conditions. Should you wish to organise training for your workplace or would like more information, please visit https://trainix.com.au/services/onsite-forklift-training/

As per WorkSafe regulations, the assessment must be conducted in English, without the use of a translator. If you’re able to read and understand English but have some difficulty with writing, then we have an option of conducting a ‘verbal’ assessment where you would just tell the trainer/assessor your answers, rather than write them. This can be beneficial for some people, and it comes at no extra charge. While you don’t need to write your answers, you will need to be able to learn the information enough to explain your answers. This assessment may have to take place at a different time, depending on trainer availability as it needs to be conducted separate from the group. It is also important to note that you will still need to be able to communicate, read and understand English to Certificate Level 2 to be able to enrol. We will conduct a small LLN (language, literacy, numeracy) test during enrolment to ensure you’re eligible.

The LO licence covers the operation of an ‘order picking forklift truck’ which is more commonly known as a ‘stock picker’ or ‘order picker’. The operator stands on a platform that can raise up in high level racking/shelving to pick stock and fulfill orders. It’s pretty much ‘pick & pack’ but going up high to pick the stock. Due to the platform raising, the operator needs to wear a safety harness attached to a lanyard to ensure their safety at heights. The LO licence also covers a ‘turret truck’ which is used in very narrow aisles to move pallets in and out where a forklift cannot fit. The platform on a turret also raises up which is why it’s covered by the LO licence.

An LF licence covers nearly any type of forklift, even a high reach. The LF class is based on the design of the forklift being that the operator sits or stands at ground level and a vertical mast raises up with fork-arms or other attachments. If the operator doesn’t go up and it has a vertical mast, it’s covered by LF. There is no limit on size or capacity either. If it’s considered a ‘forklift’ by design, it’s covered by the LF licence.

Please get in touch if you’re still unsure which licence you need so we can help you book the correct course.