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Where are Trainix located?

Trainix is located in the Wyndham Training Collective building which is in Hoppers Crossing, just off the freeway at Factory 3/25-27 Graham Court.

What do I need to bring to my forklift course?

Study Material:

You will need to complete the study material and bring it with you at the start of your course.  This material would have been emailed or posted to you upon booking your training course.

It’s also a great learning tool to get you ready for the theory component of the forklift course.  

Photo I.D:

You will need to bring valid and current photo I.D. with you. This needs to be government issued such as an Australia Driver’s Licence, Passport, Keypass, etc.

For a full list of acceptable I.D CLICK HERE

Minimum 18 years old:

To apply for a high risk work licence such as a forklift or order picker licence, you will need to be at least 18 years old.


You will need to wear closed toe shoes such as sneakers, runners or steel cap boots.  

As long as you don’t have thongs or sandals (or Jandals for our NZ mates) that is fine.  We will provide you with a hi-vis vest while you are here during the course.

What happens if I fail my forklift test?

If for some reason you are not able to successfully complete the assessment the first time around, the good news is we have a FREE re-test policy.  So it will cost you NOTHING to come back and do a test again.  

We will also provide you with additional training in any area you need to work on before you do your assessment to make sure that you are ready to go.

Does Trainix offer weekend forklift training?

We do offer forklift and order picker courses on weekends at no extra charge. They are our most popular course though, so you need to get in quick to secure your spot.

Check the enquire now page for all available weekend course dates.

How many questions are in the forklift test?

As part of the theory component of the forklift and order picker course, you will need to complete a written assessment.

  • For the forklift assessment, there are 58 questions with 27 questions being critical.
  • For the order picker assessment, there are 50 questions with 25 being critical.

There is also a small section of calculations on each test.

‘Critical’ means that the questions must be answered 100% correct to pass the test, which is why the study material is so important to finish before you come to the course because it gets you set-up for these theory tests.

How long are your forklift courses?

For all of our licensing courses, there are two options. 

You can apply for a 2-day forklift course if you are a beginner or have a little bit of experience or you can apply for a 1-day forklift course if you have quite a bit of experience and can prove that experience with either a letter from your employer or a stat dec. 

Our courses run from 8:30 am each day and finish around 4 pm each day.

Can I use my New Zealand forklift licence in Australia?

If you have a New Zealand forklift licence, unfortunately, it doesn’t transfer straight over to a High Risk Work Licence in Australia.  You will have to be re-assessed to our standards here in Australia.

You can use your New Zealand forklift licence as part of your application for a 1-day RPL (recognition of prior learning) course.

What if English is not my first language?

If English isn’t your first language or you have concerns about writing, then we can offer you a verbal assessment.  As long as you can read and understand the information, our trainers will ask you questions and then write down the answers for you when you answer them correctly. You will still be required to have a basic understanding of the English language as translators are not allowed during the assessment. 

Please let us know prior to the course if you do have any concerns about this so we can fully cater to your needs during the training.

How often do you run your forklift courses?

We run multiple forklift courses weekly and also on weekends, so if you’re working it’s much easier to be able to get into a course.  Also, because we run them so often you can usually get into a course fairly soon, so you don’t have to wait too long to get your forklift licence.

I forgot to hand in my paperwork at the post office

If you don’t go to an Australian Post branch within 60 days of finishing your course, unfortunately, your forklift licence will be invalid, and you will have to start again.  So, you will need to re-book and be re-assessed.

I have an older style forklift licence.  Is it still valid?

If your forklift or order picker licence is NOT a High Risk Work Licence that looks like this:

forklift licence renewal - Trainix

Then it is no longer valid in Australia.  You will have to attend one of our training courses to upgrade your licence to a National High Risk Work Licence.

You may be eligible for a 1-day experienced course if you have been recently operating a forklift or order picker under supervision.  Please contact us to find out all your options to apply for a 1-day experienced course.

Is there a different licence for a reach truck?

A reach truck is in the same class as a counter-balance forklift.  Once you have obtained a High Risk Work licence under the class LF, you are licensed to operate a reach truck, a counter-balance forklift and many other types of forklifts.

Although you will be licensed to operate a reach truck under the class LF, it’s important that you get training on the machine because it is much different to a counterbalance forklift. 

The workplace should provide this training for you, but if you do need some training give us a call and we can see what we can do for you.

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