Forklift Licence Renewal VIC

Forklift Licence Renewal

Trainix provides Melbourne construction, manufacturing, shipping and warehouse staff with comprehensive forklift refresher training. Our experts have years of industry experience, and found themselves tired of witnessing the same jaded instructors dishing out dull, lifeless lessons, and so we decided to make a change.

Pioneering a new era in the field, a Trainix forklift refresher course online or onsite will provide you with the additional skills and refreshed knowledge required to renew your licence. As the leading forklift course provider in Victoria, Trainix is dedicated to providing our students with a safe, relaxed approach to learning whilst ensuring that they are fully equipped with the skills to renew their documentation.

Forklift licence renewal is a simple process via WorkSafe Victoria’s website and your licence needs to be renewed every 5 years. It is highly recommended that you keep yourself up-to-date and competent with your skills at least every 2 years while holding a current forklift licence.

You can book a refresher either online or onsite here:

Please note: refresher training is for current licence holders only.

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Why choose Trainix for your forklift refresher course?

The Trainix team of industry professionals were over the outdated, unwelcome instructional methods that uninterested teachers enlisted. Instead, they chose to exit such situations, instead working towards creating an environment for students to learn in a calm, safe environment, as we believe this is the way for them to learn with absolute ease.

And, after all, a forklift refresher course shouldn’t have to be boring, hard or downright unpleasant – it should be something that is done with considerable ease, and we are here to facilitate such training. Our highly skilled, experienced and helpful instructors have the know-how to ensure that each and every one of our students receives world class training in a way that will see them have no difficulties refreshing their documentation – such is our commitment to providing the best atmosphere for learning.

In Victoria, it is recommended that licensed operators refresh their skills every two years. If their licence has been expired for over 12 months, they will have to undergo the course again.

Our skilled instructors are passionate about their craft and have a profound knowledge of the machinery’s importance in Australian industry. What’s more, they know just how dangerous it can be to operate this vital tech without the right accreditation or with forgotten knowledge.

So, why not ensure your forklift refresher course is one that will be fun, safe and comprehensive, with a team who are there to ensure that you can refresh your documentation without any hurdles?

Trainix is just the team for it.



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Forklift Licence Renewal Cost

The cost of your forklift licence renewal does vary and is subject to change. This is dependant by WorkSafe at the time. In order to find out the fees you will need to check information on a high risk work licence which can be found on WorkSafe website or contact them to find out.

Trainix and its team of industry experts are more than happy to provide you with any additional information you require regarding our world class forklift refresher training.

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