Onsite Forklift Training Melbourne

Forklift training onsite at your workplace.

Melbourne’s most TRUSTED onsite forklift training.

Trainix offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date onsite forklift training in Melbourne. Our expert trainers have had years in the industry, working as forklift operators, OH&S representatives and assessors. We guarantee to pass on the years of extensive knowledge during the training course in a friendly, patient and positive way.

Our onsite forklift training courses are designed to not only help employees gain a forklift licence (LF) or order picker licence (LO) but to get a thorough understanding of operating your equipment, to suit your policies in the safest way possible. We ensure to conduct realistic training that touches on any specific issues you may have at the workplace.

It’s also important for employees to learn on the equipment they’ll be using daily and lifting the loads that they will need to familiarise themselves with in the workplace. We understand that it can be difficult to arrange your staff onto different shifts to attend a training course, so we work with you to organise a starting time that suits you. Weekend courses are also available at no extra charge.

We do require a minimum of 4 people per course for all onsite training. Please note: WorkSafe will only allow 6 people per course MAX.

 Here are some of the reasons why many companies use Trainix for their onsite forklift training: 

  • Fully accredited WorkSafe trainers

  • Years of experience working in the industry

  • Flexible start/finish times to suit your business needs

  • Employees learn on their equipment at their workplace

onsite forklift training - Trainix
onsite forklift training - Trainix

2-Day Onsite Forklift Training Course

  • Onsite at your workplace anywhere in Victoria
  • Suitable for beginners and people with previous experience




Melbourne's leading forklift training centre - Trainix

  • Employees learn at their workplace

    Rather than making a trip to a forklift training centre and having to allocate the time off for your staff to attend the training course, we can conduct a variety of training courses at your workplace. This also means that your employees are familiar with the surroundings which also makes the training much more comfortable for your employees.

  • Onsite forklift training conducted on any shift.

    Most workplaces have employees starting at different times and on various shifts. We understand that it’s difficult to organise staff to attend training courses on shifts that they normally wouldn’t work. That’s why we will work with you to arrange start times that make it easier for you to keep the business ticking over while the forklift training is being conducted, at no extra cost. Whether it’s a 10 am or 10 pm start, we’ll be there!

  • Employees learn on equipment they use every day

    When your employees are trained at a training centre, they will be using unfamiliar equipment and performing tasks that are not necessarily related to their daily routine.  Although we can focus on tasks that a student needs to put in place at their workplace when they come to our forklift training centre, we find it is extremely beneficial to train staff onsite so that they are learning on the equipment that they will be using and are performing tasks that they will perform each day.

    Our onsite forklift training can consist of tasks that will be part of their job like loading/unloading trucks, using specific attachments, putting stock up onto high levels and many other site-specific tasks.

  • Licensing, induction, forklift refresher training and more courses available onsite

    We can conduct any of our training courses onsite at your workplace. Whether it’s forklift, order picker or boom lift, forklift refresher courses, induction training for unfamiliar equipment, other MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) training and general safety training for pedestrians, we can arrange the right course for you.

    We work with you to make the training as specific as possible to combat issues at your workplace and to train your staff to do their job safely.

  • Over 10 years’ experience in warehousing, safety and training

    Our forklift trainers and staff have worked in the warehousing industry as forklift operators, safety representatives and storemen before they were trainers. This means they understand what happens in the workplace and what is expected of you when you’re working as a forklift operator.

    We believe this is what sets us apart from our competitors who have forklift trainers that have never worked in the industry before. It’s important to be trained correctly and to the standard, but it’s more important to have training that reflects what is happening in the industry today. To back this up is our positive feedback from students that mention the knowledge and guidance from our trainers are of a very high standard.


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