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Trainix offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date onsite forklift training in Melbourne. Our expert trainers have had years in the industry, working as forklift operators, OH&S representatives and assessors. We guarantee to pass on the years of extensive knowledge during the training course in a friendly, patient and positive way.

Our onsite forklift training courses are designed to not only help employees gain a forklift licence (LF) or order picker licence (LO) but to get a thorough understanding of operating your equipment, to suit your policies in the safest way possible. We ensure to conduct realistic training that touches on any specific issues you may have at the workplace.

It’s also important for employees to learn on the equipment they’ll be using daily and lifting the loads that they will need to familiarise themselves with in the workplace. 

If you need other onsite MHE training such as forklift or order picker refresher courses (licence holders only), reach induction/training, Verification of Competency (VoC), pedestrian awareness or walkie-stacker training, just get in touch and we can help you!

Onsite Forklift Training Duration

2-Day LF or LO Course

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*Minimum of 4 People per Course
*Subject to change if outside Melbourne Metro


Our trainers have been in the industry for over 10 years and have been to many different sites around Australia training on different types of forklifts, order pickers and turret trucks. The onsite training and licensing program offers tailored solutions suitable for both beginners and experienced operators.

We prioritise safety, providing comprehensive training to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our experienced trainer/assessors bring a wealth of knowledge, enhancing the skills of operators and fostering a culture of safety within the workplace.

It’s also beneficial to train and assess employees on the equipment they will be operating daily. Additionally, the convenience of on-site training minimises disruptions to company operations, saving time and resources.

Overall, choosing Trainix for onsite forklift and order picker training reflects a commitment to excellence, safety, and operational efficiency.

All our trainer/assessors are Authorised by WorkSafe Victoria and work in accordance with ASQA regulations.

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Course duration: Each LF or LO course runs for 2-days. Start times can be arranged to suit your business operations.

Location: At your workplace 

Requirements: Site must be compliant with WorkSafe assessment requirements – see below

Minimum student numbers: 4 people minimum 

Outcome: Nationally recognised High Risk Work licence (LF and/or LO) issued by WorkSafe Victoria & Statement of Attainment (issued by Trainix within 30 days of course completion).

Prior to the course, you will receive study material to complete. This will help prepare your staff members for the National Assessment and provide them with crucial information from the Unit of Competency.

A meeting prior to the session will be arranged to ensure your site meets the assessment requirements and to discuss any specific workplace equipment or requirements.

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Valid photo identification (Government Issued) – Cannot be expired
  • Must reside in Victoria and be able to supply proof of Victorian address
  • English and numeracy skills (See LLN Requirements Section)
  • Basic car driving skills and knowledge is an advantage 
  • Must have valid USI. It’s free and takes only 5 mins to create – For more information, please go to the USI website.
  • Appropriate clothing – No open-toed footwear etc.
  • Must have completed study material.  This material must be submitted on the first day of your course.

LLN support is available to provide students with advice and support services in the provision of language, literacy, and numeracy services. Student’s needing assistance with their learning should be identified upon enrolment.
Trainers and staff within Trainix can provide students with support to assist the student throughout the learning process.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills are generally included and identified in Training Products and accredited course programs. In identifying language, literacy and numeracy requirements, students are required to have demonstrate the following:

Language/Literacy in the Workplace:

A moderate level of English understanding is required to enrol into the LF or LO course. As a HRW licence holder, you will need to be able to communicate verbally, in English, with co-workers, supervisors, managers, truck drivers and customers.  

You will also need to have the language skills to read and understand the following:

  • Workplace Policies & Procedures
  • Hazard Signs
  • Checklists
  • Work Orders
  • Consignment Notes (and other transport documents such as manifests and invoices)
  • Forklift and/or Order Picker Data Plates & Warning Labels
  • Forklift and/or Order Picker Operator Manuals

Numeracy in the Workplace:

You will need to be able to assess the loads that you are lifting. Sometimes this may require you to calculate the weight of a load. You may also need to conduct stocktake (counting stock) and pick or pack orders that will also require counting. 

LLN Procedure

  • Prior to course commencement, we send a link to an online LLN quiz/enrolment form that will help us determine whether a student is or isn’t eligible to enrol or requires assistance (verbal test, AMES etc.)
  • Once we have received a successful LLN response, the student can proceed with the course. If a student is unsuccessful and requires assistance or additional support, we suggest AMES (English classes) to be attended before booking a course.
  • If a student passes the LLN successfully but still has concerns with writing, we can offer a verbal assessment at no additional charge.
  • If after a successful LLN result but the student is found to be having difficulty during the course, additional time will be organised for study before attempting the National Assessment.
  • A full refund will only be offered if it is determined by the RTO that a student’s LLN skills are too poor to continue. This would be due to inability to communicate and understand trainer’s instruction or if a student cannot read/understand the information in the Study Material/Workbook.
  • Admin will organise course commencement once LLN skills have been deemed successful.

Prior to conducting a licensing course at your site, we will arrange an inspection to ensure the following WorkSafe assessment requirements are met:

  • There must be at least 400 square metres of warehouse space for practical training.
  • The forklift/order picker needs to be in good condition and compliant with Australian standards (service history, logbooks up to date).
  • We need to be able to lift and place varied loads from low (ground level), medium and high levels (3m+ – preferably racking)
  • There needs to be a mixture of dynamic (moving liquid i.e. IBC or drums) and non-dynamic loads (pallets of stock, cartons, etc.) available that weigh a minimum of 250kg (forklift course requirement only). A dynamic load can be arranged by Trainix per request if there isn’t one onsite.
  • Staff members will need to be able to access and locate site traffic management plans/policies and procedures.
  • Boardroom/classroom or similar for the group theory sessions (we can provide a projector if required).
  • Hazard controls to ensure training area is secured (barricades, signs etc.)


If you’re unsure about any of these requirements, please contact to discuss further. If your site isn’t suitable, we can make alternative arrangements for the training at our facility.

PLEASE NOTE: These site requirements are only applicable for conducting a licensing course onsite. Any other non-accredited training can be provided without these requirements met.

On day one of the course, the staff members will be spending time in a classroom setting to cover all the information in the Unit of Competency.

The trainers will break down what all the information means and try to simplify it as much as possible with real work scenarios and personal experiences. There will be assessments during the session to ensure staff members are understanding the information.

The staff members will be learning how to operate the forklifts and/or order pickers in a safe area that has been arranged for the training.

We ensure everyone gets the amount of time they need to gain the practical skills required before proceeding to the National Assessment. 

On day two, it’s all about the National Assessment. The assessments are conducted as per WorkSafe regulations by our Authorised Assessors and the results are submitted to WorkSafe.

After successful completion of the assessments, your staff members will gain a temporary licence and then they’ll need to apply for their actual licence via WorkSafe Victoria within 60 days.

And don’t forget, if for some reason anyone is unsuccessful in passing the assessment on the first attempt, we offer one free re-test to try again (any retests must be conducted at our training facility).

Depending on course of enrolment, either one of the following course codes:

  • TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck (Release 1)
  • TLILIC0004 Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck (Release 1)

Forklift Licence Training TLILIC0003 at Trainix

Upon successful completion of your staff’s forklift licence or order picker licence course, they will receive a ‘Statement of Attainment’ (within 30 days) from Trainix and a temporary ‘High Risk Work’ LF Licence or LO Licence (Notice of Assessment) from WorkSafe Victoria. 

Candidates receive an email from WorkSafe with information on how to apply for the HRW licence. You can find more information on WorkSafe Victoria’s website.

Candidates must apply for their HRW licence via WorkSafe within 60 days of course completion.

Please note: Trainix do not issue the HRW licence and have no control over the licensing process. 

Please complete the form below or contact us for a quote.


Upskill your employees with


Employees learn at their workplace

Rather than making a trip to a forklift training centre and having to allocate the time off for your staff to attend the training course, we can conduct a variety of training courses at your workplace.

This also means that your employees are familiar with the surroundings which also makes the training much more comfortable for your employees

Employees learn on equipment they use every day

When your employees are trained at a training centre, they will be using unfamiliar equipment and performing tasks that are not necessarily related to their daily routine.  

Although we can focus on tasks that a student needs to put in place at their workplace when they come to our forklift training centre, we find it is extremely beneficial to train staff onsite so that they are learning on the equipment that they will be using and are performing tasks that they will perform each day.

Our onsite forklift training can consist of tasks that will be part of their job like loading/unloading trucks, using specific attachments, putting stock up onto high levels and many other site-specific tasks.

Licensing, induction, forklift refresher training and more courses available onsite

We can conduct any of our training courses onsite at your workplace. Whether it’s forklift, order picker or forklift refresher courses, induction training for unfamiliar equipment, other MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) training and general safety training for pedestrians, we can arrange the right course for you.

We work with you to make the training as specific as possible to combat issues at your workplace and to train your staff to do their job safely.

Over 30 years’ experience in warehousing, safety and training

Our forklift trainers and staff have worked in the warehousing industry as forklift operators, safety representatives and storemen before they were trainers. This means they understand what happens in the workplace and what is expected of you when you’re working as a forklift operator.

It’s important to be trained correctly and to the standard, but it’s more important to have training that reflects what is happening in the industry today.

To back this up is our positive feedback from students that mention the knowledge and guidance from our trainers are of a very high standard.

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