Introduction to RF Scanning (Non-Accredited)

Start your journey to a new career with our RF scanning course in Melbourne.

These days, RF scanning is everywhere.  Many warehousing positions that are available require RF scanning experience to be able to apply for the job. With our RF scanning course, you will be able to gain RF experience in both theory and practical elements to help you land that job.

Trainix are a professional RF scanning training company offering one of the only RF scanning courses available in Melbourne. We’re 100% committed to providing you with the absolute best, most informative and hands on RF scanning course in the industry.

We work very closely with job service providers and recruitment agencies who exclusively use Trainix as their provider for RF scanning training.  This means our RF scanning course is backed by the industry and you can be assured that you will be receiving training that is up-to-date and recognised.

But that’s not all, when you enrol in our RF scanning course you will also get the most amazing customer support and service around!

Here are just some of the reasons why Trainix has the best RF Scanning course:

  • One of the only providers of RF scanning courses in Melbourne

  • Positive student reviews and winner of a 2015 – 2016 – 2017 ‘Service Award.’

  • We can give you the RF scanning experience to become job ready!

  • The most relaxed and comfortable training atmosphere

RF Scanning Course Melbourne - Trainix have been awarded 2015, 2016 & 2017 WOMO service awards
RF Scanning Course Melbourne - Trainer with students what is RF scanning
RF Scanning Course Melbourne - What is RF scanning? - Trainix
RF Scanning Course Melbourne - Students gaining RF Scanning experience at Trainix
RF Scanning Course Melbourne - Students will gain RF Scanner experience with our course - Trainix



  • Non-Accredited Course
  • Hoppers Crossing Location
  • Close to Melbourne
  • 8:30am – 11:30am
  • Certificate issued at the end of your course


  • TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck
  • RF Scanning Course (Non-Accredited)
  • All Study Material Included – Free of Charge
  • Hoppers Crossing Location
  • Close to Melbourne


  • RF Scanning Course (Non-Accredited)
  • TLILIC0004 Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck
  • Up Skill Today
  • All Study Material Included – Free of Charge
  • Hoppers Crossing Location
  • Close to Melbourne


  • TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck
  • TLILIC0004 Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck
  • RF Scanning Course (Non-Accredited)
  • The Ultimate Warehousing Package
  • All Study Material Included – Free of Charge
  • Hoppers Crossing Location
  • Close to Melbourne

Factory 3/25-27 Graham Court
Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029

3 Hour RF Scanning Course
8:30am – 11:30am

RF Scanning Course Fees:
$165.00 per student

Face – to – Face

Class Theory and Practical Training

Class Size:  10 Students MAX per course

All students will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ which you can add to your CV or resume

All material for the RF Scanning course will be provided by Trainix free of charge on the day of your course.




Melbourne's leading forklift training centre - Trainix

  • Focus on warehousing

    Most of the RF scanning jobs available out there are within the warehousing industry, and that’s why our course focuses on tasks in warehousing. RF scanning is used in warehousing to pick and scan items in pick and pack, scan and receive goods in receiving, send cartons and pallets out to customers in despatch, count and check stock levels in inventory control and scan pallets and cartons to put onto the shelf in put-aways. RF scanning is used in nearly all areas of the warehouse.

  • Gain a certificate to add to your résumé

    Not only can you add your new RF skill-set to your résumé but all of our attendees receive a certificate after completion of the RF scanning course via email and a printed hard copy for you take and add to your portfolio. This means you can apply for those RF scanning jobs with confidence knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to perform RF scanning tasks.

    After completion of the RF scanning course, we can also help with finding the right recruitment agency to contact to find a job for you. While we obviously can’t guarantee anything, we can point you in the right direction.

  • Learn about the latest in RF technology

    From a basic RF scanner gun all the way to robots that pick and pack, RF technology is always advancing, and we make sure that we stay on top of changes within the industry, so you get the latest information. From our past experiences at different workplaces, we also know first hand about some of the technology out there so we can help you familiarise yourself with different warehouse RF procedures before you get to the workplace.

  • Up-skill in your current role

    If you’re looking for change within your industry that requires RF scanning knowledge, our RF scanning course can help you. Our course covers a variety of different RF tasks that are relevant in many different industries.

  • Theory and practical elements included

    During the theory session, we cover what RF scanning is, how it works, different warehousing tasks involving RF scanning, RF technology and equipment (including voice-pick) and warehousing terminology. Included are some videos that show RF scanning in use to understand what it’s like using RF in a warehouse environment.

    The practical component is a pick and pack exercise in our warehouse where we follow a pick order, pick cartons from specific locations and scan the cartons to complete the order.

  • Add RF Scanning course to a forklift or order picker course for the ultimate skill-set

    Having a forklift licence (LF Licence) and an order picker licence (LO Licence) are great benefits when looking for work in the warehousing and logistics industry but having an RF scanning skill-set to go with those licences is a huge bonus. Many forklifts and order pickers are fitted with RF scanning devices to either scan cartons or pallets for picking, receiving, inventory and despatch so having all those skills will help you land that warehousing job.

    When booking a combination of any of the above course, we will also offer significant discounts. Contact us for more info on combo courses at our training centre.

  • Learn from trainers who have worked with RF scanners for years

    Our trainers were store persons before they were trainers and have used a variety of RF scanning equipment in many different workplaces. They have loads of first-hand experiences that they will talk about to help you prepare for the workplace. All of our trainers are super friendly and will be willing to discuss any questions that you may have about our RF scanning course.


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